Why perform background checks?

Hiring new talent is a trying and time consuming process that taxes the resources of any company.  While it is a frustrating fact of doing business, it is an unfortunate requirement to ensure you obtain quality talent to add to your company.  The problem is you still cannot allow your company’s staffing needs to be figuratively blinded by glowing recommendations and ten-page resumes chocked full of exemplary qualifications.

In these dire economic times people have become desperate to find work and the unsavory practice of lying about qualifications or work history has become more commonplace than ever.  If you or your human resources department doesn’t require employee background checks or any sort of pre employment screening you may find your company hiring a virtual lemon of an employee.  Without performing an employee background check on your new receiving hire you might never know they never actually operated a forklift before which could lead to a potentially deadly accident and a huge liability.  If you don’t perform a pre employment screening on that supposed cash room veteran you won’t find out that they were fired from their last job for stealing to pay for a gambling problem.

Background checks can protect your company from potential problems before they start (literally).  The reason background checks were created in the first place was to ensure people are who they say they are.  As loss prevention professionals (or managers looking to protect company assets) we can use this resource to our advantage and reveal who is worth hiring and who is simply padding their resume.

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