Criminal Background Checks save you from headaches!

One of the biggest threats to the stability of any business is internal theft.  It can take many forms and be committed by people who you may believe are beyond trustworthy.  Beyond implementing round-the-clock surveillance on all of your employees to ensure they aren’t robbing you there is another way to make sure you can trust your staff.

Requiring pre employment screening and criminal background checks for all new hires is a surefire way to weed out large swaths of undesirables before they even make it to the interview process.  Depending on the type of positions you are trying to fill you can even, in most cases, request the background check experts make the pre employment screening rather precise in what it is screening for.  For example, should you be hiring for a position that requires a large amount of driving, it would be foolish not to eliminate applicants with a history of not adhering to traffic laws.

Employee background checks can also be implemented at will should you feel the need to do so.  If utilized in a manner similar to random drug screenings or as a tool to screen employees who may be up for a promotion, these background checks can serve as a safeguard against allowing people to gain greater responsibilities within the company. 

If it wasn’t for such a situation, the company I work for would have promoted a woman who had apparently been arrested for check cashing fraud at a nearby casino a year AFTER she had been originally hired.  Thankfully, through the use of required advancement background checks this woman was never elevated to a position that would have granted her access to nightly store deposits. 

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